what goes on when no one's looking
you are where I am going
all of my remaining hopes rest here
gold is gold, and the sea is the sea
the world in which I now find myself
such discoveries are not entirely unknown
the bright and ageless ocean
the world in which I now find myself
shining, blue and bright
seeing stars beneath the waves
there it develops, at its ease
the sea crept up step by step
a tempest beneath a calm
we are dreamers dreaming gently
all the things which come and go
the sea is alone there
the language of the sea is altogeher different
follow the path through the sea
don't believe everything you hear
sea changes
evolution can't be taught in 270 minutes
moving along the line of best fit
settling in for the long night
teeth as sharp as tongues
slow particles really shine
thou hast first surrounded me
by land or by sea
going too far can get you where you've never been
life flourishes at the ocean's deepest point
making reality fit the myth
the chemistry of the deep blue sea
life in far distant places
shining a light on a dark place
tall and salty tales
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